Time Warner’s Big in Texas


Time Warner Cable was awarded a contract with the Texas Department of Information Resources that will allow state and local governments to purchase broadband-data services from the operator.

The contract should give the company a leg up on its competition on selling services to government entities because the local cities and other government sites can select Time Warner without having to go through an open-bid process and the price is set by the statewide contract.

Government divisions with multiple offices across the state can get a single, centralized bill for services provided for each of their regional offices.

Time Warner Cable Business Class already serves 50,000 government sites in the state, including hospitals, school districts, universities and health care facilities.

As part of the contract, Time Warner Cable will work with small, minority-owned and women-run businesses to assist them in getting broadband connections.

This is the corporation's sixth statewide contract. It has similar pacts with New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Ohio.