Time Warner Shifts Two EVPs


Time Warner Cable is in the midst of a periodic rejiggering of its operations senior management, switching some regional responsibilities for two executive vice presidents who will relocate from the No. 2 MSO’s headquarters in Stamford, Conn., to the field.

Executive VP Carol Hevey, who had been in charge of systems in Milwaukee and Ohio, will now focus on the Carolinas, according to a Time Warner Cable spokesman. Executive VP Terry O’Connell, who had been in charge of the Carolinas and Portland, Maine, will now be in charge of the Ohio cluster.

Both Hevey and O’Connell will relocate to their respective territories, although it has not been finalized where they will be based.

In addition, Portland will be moved into the New York territory and Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wis., will be included in the Ohio territory.

Executive VP William Goetz, who had been in charge of Texas, Los Angeles and Memphis, Tenn., will remain in Stamford and will help with the regional-reorganization plan. Another executive may be named to head up the Texas territories in the future and will likely relocate to that state.

Staying in their respective spots will be EVPs Barry Rosenblum, who is in charge of upstate New York and New York City, and Jim Fellhauer, who oversees the MSO’s operations in San Diego/Desert Cities, Calif.; Minneapolis; Hawaii; Jackson, Miss.; Monroe, La.; Kansas City; and Lincoln, Neb.

Rosenblum will remain headquartered in New York and Fellhauer will continue to be based in Stamford.

Time Warner spokesman Mark Harrad said the reorganization is part of the normal periodic reshuffling of regional responsibilities.

He added that none of the executives has relocated yet, and that there is no specific time frame for completion of the reorganization plan.

Time Warner regularly shifts the territories of its EVPs. For example, O’Connell had been head of the upstate New York division before taking over the Carolinas. The difference is that the two executives will move out of the operator’s Stamford headquarters to be closer to their respective customer bases.

Meanwhile, Time Warner continues to look for a replacement for outgoing vice chairman and chief operating officer John Billock and president Tom Baxter. Both men said earlier this year that they would not renew their contracts. Billock is still with the company and is expected to remain until a replacement is found, while Baxter left at the beginning of March.

The MSO has said that it is looking for a single president and COO to take over Billock’s and Baxter’s jobs. The company is also looking for a replacement for chief marketing officer Chuck Ellis, who resigned earlier this year to pursue personal interests.

Time Warner has hired an executive-search firm, which it declined to identify, to assist it in making the selections.