Time Warner Taps Viseon for Videoconferencing


Time Warner Cable of Northeast Ohio will use Viseon Inc.’s “VisiFone” for its “VidiFone Eye-to-Eye” videoconferencing service, the vendor said Tuesday.

VidiFone Eye-to-Eye is part of Time Warner Cable's Road Runner Business Class suite of broadband solutions.

“I believe that small and large business customers alike will see using the VidiFone Eye-to-Eye videoconferencing service as a logical and affordable way to supplant expensive business travel and voice-only communication with full, two-way interactive video communication,” Time Warner Cable of Northeast Ohio vice president of commercial services and high-speed data John Guran said in a prepared statement.

The $599 VisiFone operates on any broadband connection and home or office network including high-speed Internet connections via digital subscriber line or cable modem.