Time Warner Telecom: Keep VoIP Rules Neutral


Time Warner Telecom asked the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday to ensure “an efficient and competitive framework for the deployment of voice-over-Internet-protocol services.”

The provider of managed voice and data-networking solutions said in comments filed at the commission that the FCC should “ensure that incumbent local-exchange carriers are not able to exploit their market power in the business market to limit the ability of competitors to provide more efficient and innovative IP-network connections and IP services to businesses across the country.”

The filing was in response to a petition filed by SBC Communications Inc. stating that VoIP services should not be subject to tariff because they are available at low entry barriers and face the “fierce competition the Internet offers.”

"There is little question that IP will eventually transform the telecommunications products available to end-users as few technical breakthroughs have in the past," Time Warner Telecom said in its filing.

“Time Warner Telecom believes strongly in the promise of IP, and it is investing aggressively in the routers, soft switches and gateways needed to provide IP-based products in the development of innovative product offerings for business customers,” the company added.