Time Warner Updates Spanish Offering


Time Warner Cable plans to launch “Nuestra Tele,” a new suite of Spanish-language and Hispanic-themed video services, in 15 markets next month.

Officials said the aim is a bigger impact with Spanish-speaking and bilingual customers, adding that the package can be customized to fit local needs.

The entry-level service, available for $24.95-$29.95 per month, delivers all local Spanish-language broadcast networks, plus key thematic Hispanic channels catering to kids, music, sports and other genres. It also includes local English-language broadcast affiliates.

Among the available channels: Univision, Galavisión, mun2 television, CNN en Español, Canal Sur, Sorpresa!, Cine Latino, Fox Sports en Español, Discovery en Español, MTV Español, Puma TV, Video Rola and Eternal Word Television Network.

“Nuestra Tele Oro” will provide customers with digital cable, featuring all available Spanish-language and Hispanic channels, plus hundreds of channels of English-language programming. Subscribers also get access to video-on-demand, digital-music channels, interactive TV and the enhanced programming guide for $45-$60 per month, a Time Warner spokesman said.

“Nuestra Tele Canales” is targeted toward those who want to add all available Hispanic services to their existing lineup.

Nuestra Tele will initially roll out in Time Warner divisions including Austin, San Antonio, Houston and the southwest division in Texas; Los Angeles; San Diego; New York; Raleigh, Wilmington and Greensboro, N.C.; markets in Florida; Kansas City, Mo.; and Milwaukee.