TiVo Announces 140-Hour DVR

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TiVo Inc. is introducing a 140-hour digital-video recorder, its "Series 2," which will carry a suggested retail price of $399.

Consumers who buy the DVR before May will receive $50 mail-in rebates.

TiVo said the new units can be purchased from TiVo online (www.tivo.com) or by calling 1-877-BUY-TiVo. The DVR also will be available to BestBuy.com (www.bestbuy.com), CircuitCity.com (www.circuitcity.com), Amazon.com (www.amazon.com) and GoodGuys.com (www.goodguys.com).

TiVo offers monthly subscriptions of $12.95 or a $299 lifetime fee.