TiVo Debuts New Enhancements, Pricing


TiVo Inc. announced new reduced pricing for its services, as well as the capability for subscribers to connect their digital-video recorders to home networks that will allow for downloading of content from the Internet.

TiVo's base subscription remains $12.95 per month, but additional subscriptions have been cut in half to $6.95 per month for extra boxes.

TiVo also said participating retailers are offering 10% discounts on TiVo DVRs by lowering the purchase price to as little as $129 with a mail-in rebate.

The company said TiVo “Series2” subscribers can automatically record content from the Internet, move content between two or more TiVo boxes in the home and store digital music and photos, all included in TiVo's standard monthly pricing. Prior to Wednesday, subscribers had to get the company’s “TiVo Home Media Option” for those services.

The news comes as DirecTV Inc. begins to pull away from the service. DirecTV Group Inc. vice chairman Eddy Hartenstein resigned from TiVo’s board last week, and it was disclosed that the direct-broadcast satellite company had begun selling its shares of TiVo stock.

Most of TiVo's quarterly subscriber gains of late have come from DirecTV, but the recent moves leave analysts wondering how long DirecTV will use TiVo as a DVR supplier.