TiVo Goes Hand-Held


TiVo Inc. has created an extension to its digital-video-recorder service that will allow mobile subscribers to watch pre-recorded television shows on Microsoft Corp. Windows-based hand-held devices, according to AP.

Users of “TiVo Series2” DVRs already had the capability to transfer their TiVo shows to Windows-based PCs, including laptops. They can now add Windows Mobile-based portable media centers, smart phones and pocket PCs, AP reported.

TiVo director of product marketing Jim Denney told AP “TiVoToGo” is still incompatible with portable devices running PalmOS or Linux, but the company may make those systems compatible at some point.

“By extending the TiVoToGo service to support multiple Windows Mobile-based devices, TiVo is enabling our subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows whenever and wherever they want," TiVo senior vice president and chief marketing officer Matt Wisk told AP.