TiVo Hooks Up With Grouper

DVR Pioneer Will Help Grouper Achieve Its Novel Mission To ‘End Loneliness’
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TiVo DVRs offer consumers a great way to record their favorite shows and movies. Thanks to a new deal with Grouper, TiVo will soon help the technology-based social club achieve its mission to “end loneliness.”

Under the deal, Grouper will work with TiVo to integrate TV and movie themes into the overall Grouper “experience,” which entails setting up drinks between two groups of three.  Once a person is accepted into the Grouper membership, the service matches up two groups, and picks a spot where they can meet, enjoy a free drink, and see where it goes from there. The Grouper member is free to bring any two wingmen or wingwomen, as it were. The $20 fee covers Grouper’s “matching and concierge service,” along with that first drink.

So, how will TiVo and the power of the DVR extend into matchmaking? Starting in late August, TiVo will help to create “integrated brand experiences in select markets by offering TV trivia during Grouper gatherings, themed parties and photo challenges.”

Updates on Grouper/TiVo  events will be available at www.tivogrouper.com, although the site did not appear to be active as of Monday morning. But they believe TVs and movies create the right kind of kindling to spark conversations.

"When people meet for the first time, TV and movies are often times the ultimate ice-breaker conversation. This partnership will facilitate our goal of bringing people closer together by injecting pop culture into the mix,” said Grouper founder and CEO Michael Waxman, in a statement.

"Grouper's passion for creating a personalized, fun experience for their customers captures the essence of what we do for lovers of TV. We look forward to seamlessly supporting the Grouper experience with TiVo technology in a variety of capacities,” added TiVo VP of consumer sales and marketing Doug Bieter.

New York City-based Grouper, founded in 2011, has rolled out its service to 25 major U.S. cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Baltimore, and New York.