TiVo To Match TV Viewing With Internet Activity


TiVo announced a deal with Quantcast, a Web audience-measurement startup, that will allow it to track the Internet activity of about 35,000 DVR customers and sell that research to advertisers and media companies.

The PowerWatch for Quantcast service, to be available from TiVo later this summer, combines data from the DVR company's existing 35,000-household PowerWatch ratings panel with Quantcast's direct-measurement offering that tracks views on more than 10 million Web destinations.

Todd Juenger, vice president and general manager of TiVo's audience research and measurement group, said the resulting research will let marketers better understand how their TV advertising relates to their Internet advertising campaigns. The service also will analyze the extent to which TV ads influence visits to specific Internet sites.

In addition, TiVo sees an opportunity to sell the Quancast/TiVo research to programmers to determine if their online video offerings are incremental or if they cannibalize TV broadcasts.

"That question has been very hard to measure, because there's been no way to link the two platforms before," Juenger said.

Members of TiVo's PowerWatch panel are anonymously paired with a Quantcast ID when their DVRs connect to the Internet, allowing the companies to track visits on sites with the Quantcast tags.

Customers of San Francisco-based Quantcast, which launched in 2006, include NBC, Hulu.com, CBS, Viacom and Fox Entertainment.