TiVo: Millennials Are Major Video Consumers, But Extremely Impatient

54% of millennials quit on a show they’ve liked, compared to just 17% of Boomers, TiVo data shows
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Millennials watch more content than any other generation — more than six hours a day — and nearly 75% have at least one streaming video device in the home, and more than 90% pay for at least one streaming service, according to survey data released by TiVo.

But while millennials are prime targets for content companies, they’re also extremely impatient: 54% told TiVo that they’ve given up on a show they enjoy because it became too difficult to access the content. That compared to just 17% of boomers.

“The media industry is facing a perfect storm with increased choice and access to content, at the cost of massive fragmentation and frustrated consumers,” said Paul Stathacopoulos, VP of strategy and strategic research for TiVo, in a statement. “The coveted millennial demographic is in the eye of this storm, consuming the most content across the most services and platforms.

The TiVo data — drawn off the survey results from approximately 5,500 pay TV and OTT subscribers in seven countries — also found that millennials spend more than 30 minutes a day searching for content to watch, with 83% of millennial pay TV subscribers reporting that they use their programming guide daily.

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