TiVo Opens Box To Pandora

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TiVo, trying to serve up another reason consumers should buy a Premiere digital video recorder instead of leasing a DVR from their pay-TV provider, is providing subscribers access to Pandora's Internet streaming music service.

The Pandora service is available customers with the latest-generation TiVo Premiere boxes, which went on sale this spring. Pandora provides personalized "radio stations" based on a user's song, artist or genre preferences, and joins TiVo's other music services of Rhapsody, Live365 and Music Choice. TiVo DVR customers also can access songs connected from a PC or Mac music library, which requires TiVo Desktop software.

Pandora on TiVo

"Just as TiVo revolutionized your television and personalized your viewing content, the Pandora application brings additional music customization to the all-in-one TiVo box," TiVo vice president and general manager of product marketing Jim Denney said in a statement.

On TiVo, consumers can create a new free Pandora account, or sign in with existing Pandora accounts to listen to their current stations on the TV. Users also can access Pandora stations created on TiVo on any other platform where they listen to Pandora, including PCs and smartphones.

TiVo continues to lose subscribers, dropping 125,000 in the three
months ended July 31 for 2.38
million cumulative subs at the end of the period