TiVo To Rent Disney Flicks


TiVo will let its subscribers rent movies from Walt Disney Studios to Internet-connected DVRs directly from the TV, through an agreement with Disney-ABC Domestic Television and CinemaNow.

Disney movies will be available for a 24-hour rental period in standard-definition format, with some also available in HD. TiVo now offers access to more than 30,000 titles -- over a broadband connection -- through Amazon.com’s Unbox service and more than 50 other content providers.

The addition of Disney movies “really delivers on TiVo's promise to offer the best television entertainment experience with unlimited content choices that are easy to navigate across broadcast, cable, and broadband using one device, one remote, and one user interface," TiVo general manager of content services Tara Maitra said.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television distributes movies in the United States from Walt Disney Studios, including titles from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney-Pixar, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax Films. 

Also Wednesday, TiVo announced a deal with the Chicago Tribune to deliver recommendations of its TV critic, Maureen “Mo” Ryan, directly to subscribers' televisions while TiVo automatically records the recommended shows listed in the newspaper's TV grids. According to TiVo, the concept is among several new initiatives designed to “explore new ways for the newspaper industry to adapt to the changing media landscape.”