TiVo Rolls Out ‘TiVoToGo’


“TiVoToGo” is a go.

The digital-video-recorder vendor said Monday that its TiVoToGo service enhancement is now available, and it has begun to roll out the software update to stand-alone “TiVo Series2” boxes.

TiVo Inc.’s new feature, which is available at no additional charge, allows subscribers to transfer programs from their TiVo boxes to laptop PCs.

In order to use TiVoToGo, TiVo subscribers must connect their DVRs to their home networks, go to TiVo’s Web site (www.tivo.com/togo) and download and install the free “TiVo Desktop” software to their laptops.

TiVoToGo securely encrypts programming during the transfer to the laptop. Once transferred, subscribers enter passwords they created during software installation that will allow decryption of the files and playback.

TiVo said it carefully designed the service enhancement to respect the copyrights of copy-protected content, while offering flexibility to its subscribers. The vendor added that programming that is protected with Macrovision Corp.’s copy-protection -- including pay-per-view and video-on-demand programming, as well as commercial DVDs -- will not be transferable to laptops.

“Consumers don't want to be tied to their living room to watch their favorite entertainment,” TiVo chief marketing officer Matt Wisk said in a prepared statement.

“Other generic DVRs confine your entertainment experience to the living room, but with TiVoToGo, subscribers can take their favorite shows with them to enjoy on business trips or family vacations,” he added.