TLCs PPV Concert Falls Short of Top Events


TVKO's March 18 pay-per-view concert featuring rhythm-and-blues group TLC didn' t live up to expectations, but it still performed better than most PPV concerts, according to executives.

The concert, which retailed at $19.95, pulled in around 60,000 to 65,000 buys, according to TVKO, although operators placed that number slightly lower. Nevertheless, the event failed to break the 100,000-buy barrier, which had been passed by several similar teen-targeted groups such as Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls.

TVKO senior vice president of programming Mark Taffet said the event did perform better than many more recent PPV concerts, and it pulled in more buys than traditional music events.

"In the realm of concerts, TLC performed at the top ladder of those events," Taffet said. "We were happy that we offered the event, and we look optimistically at offering more music events."

An executive at one Northeast cable operator, who asked to remain anonymous due to company policies, said the concert performed surprisingly well-particularly the event' s numerous replays. "We did much better with the event' s replays than we have with other major concerts," the executive added.

Taffet said the event' s take was aided by several primetime replays within one week of the actual show. TVKO was also able to land a second Saturday primetime airing of the event.

While TLC is the biggest concert event to date, PPV companies are working on several potential concerts for distribution during the next couple of months. Comcast Corp. and In Demand are in the process of developing two spring PPV concerts featuring rock group Stone Temple Pilots and Sugar Ray, according to sources close to the situation.

In other PPV concert-event news, New Jersey-based Rascals International Inc. will distribute via the Internet a PPV comedy concert featuring television and film star Tommy Davidson April 29.

Users have to pre-register via the Internet at Rascals Online ( or Tommy ( to view the event, which will retail at $4.95 or $6.95, depending on the user' s Internet-bandwidth capacity, Rascals executives said.

"We have created a secure, high-quality online pay-per-view solution, and we are working with leaders in the fields of e-commerce and streaming-media distribution," Rascals CEO Ed Rodriguez said.