TNN Continues Spike Fight


Attorneys for The New TNN filed legal papers with an appellate panel Tuesday
trying to get a stay on an injunction barring the network from using the name
Spike TV.

TNN was slated to have relaunched as Spike TV Monday, but it wasn't able to
do so due to a temporary injunction won last week by filmmaker Spike Lee.

Lee is suing TNN and Viacom Inc., claiming that his name should not in any
way be used for the network, which is relaunching as a channel for men. A judge
last week barred the name change from taking place until a full trial on Lee's

TNN lost an appeal seeking a stay of that injunction last Friday, and it then
filed papers with the appellate panel Tuesday. The network is hoping for some
response from that panel later this week.

TNN has been forced to delay a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign for
Spike TV due to the pending litigation.