TNN Re-Airs CBS Flick

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Nashville, Tenn. -- In the quickest turnaround to date for
the cable service, The Nashville Network will re-air a CBS made-for-TV movie, Secret of
less than two weeks after its debut on the broadcast network.

TNN will televise Secret of Giving, which features
country star Reba McEntire, on Tuesday (Dec. 7) at 9 p.m., and then repeat it Dec. 21 at 9
p.m. TNN is owned by CBS Corp., whose broadcast network debuted Secret on

TNN previously aired original movies that first appeared on
CBS because the country-music network had acquired a package of movies from Eyemark, CBS'
TV-syndication unit. But a TNN spokeswoman said this re-airing of Secret will mark
the shortest time period between an original movie's initial airing on CBS and its
appearance on TNN.

The so-called "repurposing" of programming is one
of the hottest trends in television. Lifetime Television is currently repeating episodes
of the drama Once and Again three days after the episodes appear on ABC. ABC's
parent, The Walt Disney Co., is a part-owner of Lifetime.