TNS/CMR Ups 2003 Ad-Spending Forecast


TNS Media Intelligence/CMR CEO Steven Fredericks said at the AdWatch
conference in New York Tuesday that his firm has revised its overall ad-spending
forecast for 2003, indicating that advertisers will spend $124.7 billion in
measured media, up 4.3%.

That, he said, is an upward revision, since the researcher had estimated in
January that total ad spending would rise just 3.3% to $117.5 billion.

Explaining the upward revision, Fredericks said at the conference --
sponsored by TNS/CMR and Advertising Age -- that network cable,
Spanish-language television and TV syndication scored better-than-expected ad
volume in the first quarter. They helped to boost total spending in that quarter
by 4.9% to $28.4 billion, he added.

Fredericks also pointed to some off-year political ad spending and the robust
broadcast and cable upfront marketplaces as other influencing factors.

Last week Universal McCann senior vice president Robert Coen lowered his 2003
projection slightly -- up 4.6% to $277.7 billion, down from the 5% increase he
had forecast last December.