TNT's Witchblade Gets Knifed


Turner Network Television has canceled its only scripted dramatic series,
Witchblade, despite the action show's respectable ratings and rising

The sophomore fantasy skein about a female New York police officer with
superpowers averaged a 2.0 rating in its first two seasons. But TNT executive
vice president and general manager Steve Koonin said it's running out of

'We cancelled Witchblade because it was a limited series that played
itself out,' Koonin said. 'We didn't see any really new, exciting ground that
hadn't been covered, and we felt that to continue one more year didn't make

The second season suffered several production stoppages due to star Yancy
Butler's well-publicized, monthlong stay at an alcohol-rehab center, which
sources said also hurt the show's cause.

Witchblade was TNT's only scripted series, but Koonin said there are
'several' in development.

The 'We Know Drama' network has struggled to find hits, and it had dropped
Breaking News (now on Bravo) and Bull.