Toshiba Gets Jump on Self-Installation


Toshiba America Information Systems has added "easy install" to its all-in-one cable-modem home-networking gateway.

The electronics maker is now bundling its new "PCX5000" wireless Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification cable-modem gateway with its "JumpMASTER" self-installation software. The package is available in select CompUSA Inc. retail stores nationwide.

Toshiba claimed that the PCX5000 is the only cable modem that includes a modem, wireless router and self-installation features. It also includes Internet security through Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.'s "Virtual Private Network-1 Fire Wall-1" software.

Using JumpMASTER, cable customers can configure wired and wireless local-area networks more easily, cutting installation time for consumers and broadband-service providers, according to Toshiba. JumpMASTER was developed for Toshiba by Promptlink Communications.

"The wireless gateway's JumpMASTER self-installation software solves the primary challenges that consumers have experienced when moving to a wireless home network," said Fred Berry, vice president and general manager of Toshiba's network-products division.

"It's so easy to use that the average computer user can set up a wireless local-area network in a matter of minutes with only a few clicks," he added.