Toshiba Introduces VoIP Modem


Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. is rolling out its first
voice-over-Internet protocol-enabled cable modem aimed at opening up phone lines
for cable operators.

The 'PCX3000' VoIP cable modem is now in trials with several MSOs, with one
major marketing trial soon to be announced.

The modem is designed for telephony services, adding dual ports for telephone
connections, along with data-oriented universal-serial-bus and Ethernet

It is also the first Toshiba modem able to meet 'Network Calling Signaling'
standards, which is a key part of the evolving PacketCable interoperability
specification for IP multimedia devices.

The PCX3000 will be made available to MSOs in early 2002, and after that, it
will be added to Toshiba's retail lineup.

Toshiba's 'PCX2500' modem was one of two awarded the first Data Over Cable
Service Interface Specification 1.1 cable-modem certifications in September.

DOCSIS 1.1 adds specifications for quality of service and signal
prioritization, which are considered crucial as cable operators delve into
offering broadband-telephony services.

The 1.1 standard is also the foundation of the cable consortium's PacketCable
initiative, which seeks to develop interoperable interfaces for IP devices that
deliver telephony, multimedia conferencing, interactive gaming and general
multimedia applications.