Tracking Hardware

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Adam Mayer, 32

Time Warner Cable

At just 32 years old, Adam Mayer has worn many hats. Before moving into product development in the cable industry, he was an analyst with Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking, Media Group, targeting acquisitions, divestitures and financing in cable, publishing and entertainment.

Mayer’s resume includes stints with Comcast; Scientific Atlanta, as director of strategy and business development in the subscriber business unit; and now Time Warner Cable.

“I am very excited to be working in the cable industry, particularly at Time Warner Cable,” said Mayer, a graduate of Yale University with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

As director of consumer devices and product management at Time Warner, Mayer is responsible for addressing issues surrounding all hardware deployed in customer homes.

“From [digital video recorders] to digital phone to [interactive TV], Time Warner Cable is always at the forefront of new technologies,” he said. “To work at such an innovative company with so many great people is a truly thrilling experience.”