Trendrr Launches Social-Media Tracking Tool For TV Nets


Wiredset announced the official launch of the enterprise version of Trendrr.TV, a research tool for analyzing social-media activity around television viewing.

The company claims 15 of the top 25 cable TV networks use the service, which has been available in a private beta. (Disclosure: Trendrr supplies the data for Multichannel News' weekly Buzz Meter feature.)

According to Wiredset, the premium version of Trendrr.TV allows networks, media planners, ad agencies and other users to access daily, weekly and real-time charts tracking show and network activity. The tool can sort and rank shows by day-part, genre and gender, as well as drill down into network and show-specific views. for CW

The company did not announce pricing details for the service. Pricing depends on a variety of factors, including how many seats a network buys and how many networks buy in from a parent media company, according to a spokesman.

Trendrr's data sources currently include Twitter, Facebook, and TV check-in apps Miso and GetGlue. The Trendrr.TV data provides a way to measure the "anticipation" around upcoming pilots as well as the level of viewer engagement on social networks. The data is collected to match the way Nielsen measures TV ratings, with a day beginning at 6 a.m. Eastern and ending at 5:59 the next morning.

"Engagement data around television has started to map revenues using both new and legacy tools, like Trendrr.TV, which offers data and actionable insights that can translates to currency," Mark Ghuneim, CEO of Trendrr and Wiredset, said in announcing the launch. "By understanding this data, clients can optimize their media buying, media planning and digital services by cultivating viewer engagement."

Privately held Wiredset created Trendrr in 2006. The New York-based company says its clients include MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Oxygen and Bravo.

Companies that compete with Wiredset in measuring social activity for TV include Bluefin Labs, Networked Insights, SocialGuide and Visible Intelligence.