Tribune Gets Sex and the City


Home Box Office found a syndicated buyer for its popular series, Sex and
the City
, in Tribune Broadcasting, which will strip the show over six nights
beginning in 2005.

In total Tribune will offer 94 episodes of the Warner Bros.-produced series,
which chronicles the sexually charged lives of four single females, according to
sources close to the situation. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Industry observers predicted that syndicated efforts for Sex would be
hampered by concerns over whether the show would translate well outside of pay
cable, with most of the show’s nudity and language removed to fit broadcast
decency standards.

But sources said five minutes of each 27-minute episode had to be cut out to
fit a standard broadcast 30-minute window, which would account for most of the
unsuitable scenes.

Nevertheless, Tribune believes the show will perform well in syndication.

"Sex and the City has been one of the strongest half-hour comedies on
television, and it is easily the best new comedy coming into the syndication
marketplace" Tribune president Pat Mullen said in a prepared statement. "It is
also the perfect show for the younger demographic served by our [The] WB
[Television Network] affiliates and coveted by advertisers."