NEW YORK - Trio, the arts network acquired by USA Networks Inc. last May, has scored its first major acquisition since then by snaring first-run cable rights to Sessions at West 54th, PBS' popular live-music show.

The deal-made with producer American Productions for an undisclosed sum-is part of what will be "an ambitious slate of original series and specials, as well as a large volume of newly acquired programs." Trio will have completely revamped its current schedule by June 10.

The network, which claims 10 million satellite and digital-cable subscribers, will run Sessions
five nights per week at 8 p.m., starting Monday, April 30. The prior night's show will be rebroadcast at 5 p.m.

Recently hired vice president of acquisitions and scheduling Kris Slava said Sessions
was the first show that he and USA Cable president of emerging networks Patrick Vien had targeted for Trio.

"It's just so emblematic of the space we want to occupy," Slava said.

Trio bought the first three seasons of the series-78 shows-and the deal gives Trio the potential to buy more, Slava said.