Trio’s Brilliant Going Daily


Brilliant, But Cancelled
, Trio's month-long showcase last December for TV
series that didn't go past one season, will turn into a nightly venture around
Labor Day.

Initial plans for the nightly edition of Brilliant were among the
programming developments Trio unveiled Tuesday afternoon at the summer
Television Critics Association tour in Los Angeles.

The nightly run will launch with one week of pilots, including Fargo,
based on the Oscar-winning 1996 film, and Savage, directed by Steven
Spielberg in 1973. Trio will also repeat Pilot Season, one of the
original specials Brilliant presented last December.

Brilliant will bump Sessions at West 54th off-PBS reruns off
Trio's primetime schedule. Sessions will appear one hour earlier at 7
p.m. EST.

The channel's other primetime attractions -- the 9 Sharp documentary
hour and Late Night with David Letterman reruns -- remain where they

Also, 24 w/, a reality series following one day in a celebrity's life
and compressing that into one hour, will start Oct. 19 in Trio's Sunday lineup.
Subjects include fashion designer Vera Wang, pop band *NYSNC and actor/writer
Harvey Fierstein.

And on the second anniversary of the World Trade Center/Pentagon terrorist
acts, September 11 will bring together a collection of short films
reflecting different viewpoints of that day. Trio will present the two-hour
special commercial-free.