Trio Win PacketCable Stamps


Nuera Communications Inc. became the first cable vendor to pull down a
PacketCable qualification stamp for a media gateway, according to results from
the latest certification round at Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

Other PacketCable winners in the round included Nortel Networks, which gained
qualification for a call-management server, and ADC Telecommunications Inc.,
which came away with a qualification stamp for a cable-modem-termination

It was the first PacketCable-certification wave testing media gateways, which
act as the translation devices between Internet-protocol cable-voice systems and
the public switched telephone network.

The PacketCable specification sets guidelines for devices delivering IP
multimedia data and services -- such as voice over IP -- across Data Over Cable
Service Interface Specification networks. It builds on the DOCSIS 1.1
architecture, adding features that allow data and voice traffic across a single
high-speed connection.

"It’s great news for our suppliers and for our members that we have, in
consecutive waves, now qualified new, key elements in the PacketCable network,"
said Glenn Russell, director of PacketCable and project leader.

"We look forward to continuing to provide suppliers and our members with an
efficient path to the cable-telecommunications marketplace," he added.

But while there were victors in the PacketCable arena, the wave saw no
products winning certification for CableHome 1.0, the home-networking
specification that also builds upon DOCSIS technology.

To date, only five devices have won CableHome 1.0 certification, with many
vendors apparently opting to focus product development on the CableHome 1.1
specification, which adds security and quality-of-service features.

The CableHome 1.1 specifications were just released in