Troubles Mount at Colombias CNTV

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Bogota, Colombia -- Troubles continued to mount last week
at the CNTV, Colombia's TV regulator, as the fourth commissioner in as many weeks
left the body that will oversee the country's cable-licensing process.

Carlos Muñoz's resignation follows that of Alvaro
Pava, who quit a week earlier. Two other commissioners were sacked in late August at the
behest of Colombian President Andrés Pastrana. The CNTV has a total of five

The mid-October deadline for awarding cable licenses has
not been officially changed. Still, Muñoz's resignation could raise some worries, as
he was one of the commissioners overseeing the project.

Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that Muñoz
resigned in protest over the firings requested by Pastrana. Muñoz couldn't be
reached for comment.