Tru Optik, TargetSmart Link for Political Ads

Campaigns can reach voters watching over-the-top

Tru Optik said it is working with TargetSmart to enable political candidates to target voters with ad campaigns across mobile, digital, over-the-top and connected TV platforms.

Candidates are using data more frequently to make sure they’re reaching voters with the right messages. Digital delivery systems, including over-the-top, allow them to hit more precise targets than linear TV, which delivers a more massive audience.

"TargetSmart clients can layer in the world's largest anonymized media and entertainment dataset to ensure that they are delivering the right message through the right format/medium,” said Andre Swanston, co-founder and CEO of Tru Optik, which offers audience measurement and data management for OTT.

“Data drives every decision a campaign makes," Bill Russell, director of digital partnerships at TargetSmart, said, "The quality of data and insights that Tru Optik has. and the ability for us to integrate our data with theirs, is a game changer."