Trump Buys Iowa TV Ad Time

Places Spots in News, Entertainment Shows Across Dayparts
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Donald Trump, who has ridden to first place in the GOP presidential race primarily on earned media (news coverage of his boisterous candidacy), is starting to put some TV money where his mouth is.

Trump, who has bragged about spending nothing on ads compared with the millions ponied up by his opponents, signaled last week he would be launching ad buys in Iowa, targeting the caucus there.

The Trump campaign bought 31 spots totaling $6,300 to run Jan. 6-12 in news and syndicated runs of The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly and Two Broke Girls in various dayparts, according to the FCC online political file of Fox affiliate KLJB in Davenport, Iowa, time-stamped 3:17 p.m. on Jan. 4.

Perhaps looking to amplify the TV ad with earned media exposure, the Trump campaign posted the ad, titled "Great Again," atop its website.

The ad doubles down on Trump's pledges to get ISIS and take its oil, to build a wall at the Southern border that Mexico will pay for, and to keep Muslim immigrants out of the United States temporarily.