Trump Doubles Down on Swamp-Draining in YouTube Video

Also emphasizes exiting TPP, cybersecurity, deregulation

President-elect Donald Trump took to YouTube, rather than a press conference or live public address,  to double down on some first-100-days promises had already made.

In the video, which jumped from a little over 2,000 views Monday evening to over 800,000 by early Tuesday morning, Trump said the transition team was working very "smothly, efficiently and effectively," a response to the widespread reporting of turmoil akin to a "knife fight" as leadership changed from Chris Christie to Mike Pence.

He talked about the series of meetings he has held with a host of folks--including BET founder Bob Johnson--some of whom will be taking positions in his Administration.

He said among his executive actions on day one would be 1) issuing a "notification of intent" to withdraw from the trans-Pacific partnership, which he called a "potential disaster" for the country--the TPP was supported by TV and movie studios; 2) imposing the five-year ban on executive officials lobbying after they leave their posts, and a lifetime ban on lobbying for a foreign government; 3) requiring two old regulations to be lifted for each new one imposed, which he called "so important; and 4) ask the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff to come up with a "comprehensive" approach to protecting vital infrastructure from cybersecurity attacks.

He said he would provide more updates soon, but not whether they would, again, be via YouTube.