Trump Dumps on WHCA Dinner

POTUS says he'll hold Michigan rally rather than associate with 'fake news' liberals
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President Donald Trump is using his planned absence from the White House Correspondents Association dinner Saturday (April 28) to raise money for his next election.

The White House

In an e-mail to supporters Tuesday (April 24), Trump said that when his staff asked if he would go to the dinner this year, his response was: “Why would I want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of fake news liberals who hate me?”

For the record, news outlets considered conservative are also in attendance at the annual WHCA dinner, where the press and the President customarily get together to trade barbs and toasts, a temporary glove-dropping that had become a regular stop for Presidents of both parties before the current one.

Trump didn't show up for last year's dinner, either

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This year, Trump said in the email, instead of going to the dinner, he would be holding a rally in Michigan "to spend the evening with my favorite deplorables who love our movement and love America!"

Trump has consistently tried to marginalize his critics, including the news media, by portraying them as the enemy of the people or as the swamp or those standing between his supporters and a "great again" America.

He said in the email that for the price of a donation, the email recipient would have a chance to have a picture taken with Trump "so you can always remember the night I chose YOU over the fake news."

The President will be missing entertainment by cable and OTT comedian Michelle Wolf (Netflix, Comedy Central, HBO), who will be roasting Trump in absentia.