Trump Hammers CNBC Poll Reporting

Ahead of GOP Debate, Calls Numbers Fictitious
trump iowa.jpg

Only hours before the Republican debate airing on CNBC, GOP candidate Donald Trump, who has been slipping in the polls lately relative to Dr. Ben Carson, was taking aim at CNBC over its reporting of polls and suggesting the debate might not be fair.

Wednesday he tweeted: .@CNBC continues to report factious poll numbers. Number one, based on every statistic, is Trump (by a wide margin). They just can't say it!. Followed by: "Does anybody think that @CNBC will get their fictitious polling numbers corrected sometime prior to the start of the debate. Sad!"

The latest CBS/New York Times national poll had Carson leading Trump, but still within the margin of error.

Trump also told Politico he did not expect the debate to be fair.

A CNBC spokesperson had no comment on what polls Trump was referring to -- though the channel did post this story online early Wednesday morning -- or his characterization of them or the debate, which airs tonight at 6-7:30 (undercard) and 9-11 p.m. ET (candidates averaging at least 2.5% over four national polls).

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