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Trump Hawks 'Fake News' Bumper Sticker

President continues fundraising effort tied to mainstream media attacks
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Even as FCC nominees were pledging to speak out against attacks on journalists, President Donald Trump was continuing his verbal assault on the media, going so far as to offer a new "Fight Fake News" bumper sticker in exchange for a $1 donation to his joint (with the RNC) fundraising committee.

FCC Nominees Pledge to Speak Out Against Media Attacks

In an e-mail signed by the president and circulated Wednesday (July 19), Trump let fly with now familiar broad-brush attacks:


"I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the Fake News Media is the real opposition.

"Rather than working to fix the problems this nation is facing, the Fake News Media and the Left are hand-in-hand peddling supposed 'news' based on anonymous sources and an unbelievable lack of journalistic integrity.

"In fact, they’re so focused on bringing down the success of my administration -- that they’re forgetting about you, the American people.

"It is nothing but a 24/7 barrage of hit jobs, fake stories, and absolute disdain for everything we stand for as a movement.

"But Friend, I made a promise to stay focused on the American people.

"And I will not forget about you or that promise.

"This is a fight we can’t afford to lose. The future of our great country hangs in the balance. Stand with me in our fight against the FAKE NEWS with a contribution of $1 or more today."

Elsewhere in Washington, Democratic senators were calling on Republican leadership to hold a hearing on the state of the news media and attacks on journalists by the administration and others.