Trump: Media, Hollywood Goal Is to Take Us Down

Says they will hate 'us' no matter what he does

President Donald Trump continues to try to raise money by framing his presidency as a fight for the people against the corrupt establishment abetted by the news and entertainment media.

In a fund-raising email with his signature, the president said: "Look, Hollywood and the media are going to hate us no matter what we say or do. Their goal is to take us down."

He said the problem was not with his policies, which he suggested had resulted in a booming economy, a wall at the southern border that was going to get built, a "big league" reduction in illegal immigration, energy on the rise and more.

The problem, he said, was self-serving politicians trying to obstruct and who wanted him to be a "puppet" for the political class.

A week after Trump talked about bringing the country together after Charlottesville, he indicated who might be excluded from that inclusiveness: "They say I’m isolated by lobbyists, corporations, grandstanding politicians and Hollywood. GOOD! I don’t want them."

The email asked for a $1 donation.