TruTV Reels In Twentieth For ‘Vegas’ Vignettes


TruTV has reeled in Twentieth Century Fox as a sponsor for its "Reel Movie" vignettes.

Beginning the first week of May, TruTV's Reel Movie interstitials will showcase Twentieth’s What Happens in Vegas with exclusive interviews from cast members Ashton Kutcher and Rob Corddry, and commentary by Cameron Diaz, reflecting on their performances within a pivotal scene featured within the theatrical, which bows nationwide May 9.

Elsewhere, TruTV said it was presenting other marketing opportunities within "Actual Ads," where real people share spontaneous personal comments about the brand, and "Real Life Stories," short-form content that connects their messaging to consumer emotion within a network experience.

“Through these custom opportunities, marketing partners have the opportunity to leverage their brand exposure within TruTV’s distinct programming lineup and across a network seeing continual audience growth,” said Tom Winiarski, senior vice president and sales manager, Turner Entertainment ad sales and marketing, in a statement. “This is truly an exciting promotion to share with our advertising partners as the marketplace continues to discuss engagement opportunities on television.”