Tubi Comes onto Big Cities with Racy Outdoor Campaign

Suggestive ads follow AVOD competitor Pluto TV’s billboard bombardment last spring
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Startup AVOD platform Tubi is launching its biggest outdoor advertising campaign to date today, placing racy, suggestive billboards in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

“Dear Netflix, I had my first freedom last night. Tubi was amazing,” reads one cheeky electronic billboard, festooned on Broadway and 45th-46th. “Dear NYC, are you free tonight, because we are,” reads the adjacent billboard, around the corner.

Digital billboard located at on Broadway and 45th-46th in New York. 

Digital billboard located at on Broadway and 45th-46th in New York. 

Tubie is promising an aerial stunt to launch its outdoor ads today at Los Angeles’ Beverly Connection, as well as another situated at Centinela and Jefferson.

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Media tied to the campaign will also kindle closed circuit TV in taxis and at other locations, as well as homepage takeovers and social media assets.

The ads follow an aggressive outdoor campaign conducted by ad-supported streaming competitor PlutoTV, which was launched following that platform’s purchase by Viacom in January.

In its case, Tubi is trying to make it clear to consumers—many of whom have no idea what the difference is between SVOD and AVOD—that you don’t have to pay Netflix dollars to get content.