Turner Tips Off NBA Fantasy Game


The National Basketball Association, TBS Superstation, Turner Network
Television and The Coca-Cola Co.'s Sprite are teaming up to provide the 'NBA
Fantasy Live on TBS and TNT' real-time Internet game on NBA.com.

The game ties current NBA telecasts on the two Turner networks with a
real-time interactive fantasy game that runs through April 17.

To play the game, users log on to NBA.com during the nights TBS or TNT is
carrying a game.

Users select five players from the two teams playing that night. In addition
to each player's performance, users must make game predictions on who will win
and the final score. Prizes are awarded to the top five players each night.

Throughout the season, several grand-prize trips will be
awarded, including trips to the NBA All-Star Weekend Feb. 8 through 10 in