Turner Tunes Up 'TV Everywhere' Marketing Push


Turner Broadcasting System this week is launching a series of 11 ads promoting the "TV Everywhere" services for TBS and TNT, provided through eight cable, satellite and telco TV affiliates.

The ads -- featuring talent from the two networks including Conan O'Brien -- will begin airing Monday across several Turner networks, including TNT, TBS, CNN, HLN, CNN Airport, TruTV and Adult Swim. The programmer is not providing details about the value of the campaign, according to spokeswoman Karen Cassell.

Currently, the TNT and TBS authenticated services are available through eight distributors: Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network, Cox Communications, Cablevision Systems, Suddenlink Communications, Verizon FiOS, and AT&T U-verse.

Conan O'Brien TV Everywhere spot for TBS

Conspicuously absent from Turner's TV Everywhere fold right now is erstwhile corporate cousin Time Warner Cable.

The TNT and TBS spots tout an array of ways for viewers to watch full episodes, clips and other content from any Internet connection and via multiple devices.

All of the campaign's spots (six for TNT and five for TBS) were conceived by Grey Group and produced in collaboration with Turner's in-house creative team. The ads revolve around the theme of letting viewers choose when and where they want to watch. TNT's services are promoted with the tagline "Drama. Wherever. Whenever."; TBS is using the tagline "Funny. Wherever. Whenever."

In one of the ads, "Watch any device on Conan," O'Brien walks into his studio covered in tablets and smartphones -- which looks like a suit of armor -- and professes bemusement about the concept for the ad titled

The director says he thinks the joke is funny. "Say whatever you want to say," the director tells the peeved host. O'Brien responds: "OK, how about, ‘I'm bleeding into my pants because this hurts,' can I say that?"

Turner has posted four of the ads online: TBS's Conan "Devices"; TBS's Conan "Sparks"; TNT's Leverage "Waiting for You"; and TNT's "Don't Miss a Thing."

The programmer also posted a tutorial showing how to use the TNT service to YouTube.