TV Apps a Top CE Opportunity


After studying a multitude of different
data findings from our recently released global consumer-electronics
usage survey of 19 CE devices, Accenture
asked a simple question: If we had to identify three of
the most promising market opportunities for selling
consumer-electronics products and services based on
these findings, what would they be?

Three rose to the top of the list: TV applications
for PCs, tablets and smartphones; the
fertile consumer markets in emerging countries;
and the consumer-electronics buying
behavior of the younger generation.

Accenture’s survey of more than 10,000
global consumers found that the battle for
consumers’ eyeballs and time is intensifying
among TV viewers. Viewership continues
to rise; however, the impact on the TV
screen in the home is shifting. For example,
in China, France, India, Japan and the U.S.,
the percentage of consumers watching broadcast
or cable TV shows, movies or videos on a
TV screen in a typical week plummeted from
71% in 2009 to 48% in 2011 as consumers moved some of
their viewership to PCs, tablets and smartphones. These
trends are reflected in consumers’ TV purchase plans.
During the next 12 months, the percentage of survey respondents
intending to buy a TV fell to 32% this year,
down from 35% in 2010.


Emerging countries offer many growth opportunities
for businesses in a wide range of industries. In the consumer-
electronics industry, this is especially true based
on our CE research findings. Emerging markets show a
continued and exceptional thirst for the latest technologies,
such as tablet PCs and smartphones. They lead in
ownership and purchase-intent growth for many newer
types of consumer electronics devices compared with
more mature countries such as France, Germany, Japan
and the U.S.

Consumers in urban areas of emerging markets have
spent a higher percentage of their annual incomes on
consumer electronics devices in the past 12 months
than those in mature markets. Chinese urban consumers,
already allocating the largest share of their incomes
toward consumer technology, plan to slightly increase
this share in the next 12 months.


The younger generation (those aged 18-
34) intensely crave consumer electronics
technology and associated services and
applications, and should be a focal point
of consumer-electronics companies. Our
survey showed this younger group uses
and buys more consumer-electronics products
and services than the older generation
(those 35 and above).

Fifty-five percent have downloaded apps
at least once a week in the past 12 months,
compared with 44% of older consumers.
Younger consumers also lead adoption of
new technologies, owning more of the product categories
most recently introduced to the market, such as
smartphones and tablets. They are also more ambitious
in their purchase intentions: During the next 12 months,
a higher percentage of younger than older consumers
intend to buy products in each of the 19 consumer-electronics

Mitch Cline is the global managing director of Accenture’s
Electronics & High-Tech Group. He can be
reached at