TV Critics Tour: A&E To Air First Live ‘Mindfreak’


Beverly Hills, Calif.—For the first time in Criss Angel Mindfreak history, A&E Network will broadcast a special live one-hour episode July 30, a week after the series’ fourth season premiere, officials said Wednesday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour here.

During the special episode, “Building Implosion Escape,” world-renowned Angel will be shackled in a six-story building in Florida that is loaded with explosives and set to detonate. Angel must attempt to escape the restraints and overcome physical obstacles to make it to a hovering helicopter on the roof before the building implodes in front of the crowd, cameras and viewers at home.

The fourth season of Mindfreak will feature three one-hour specials and 15 half-hour episodes premiering every Wednesday at 10 p.m. (ET). The season kicks off with “Walk on Lake,” a one-hour series premiere July 23, in which Angel attempts to walk on the world’s largest manmade lake, Lake Mead in Nevada, amidst spectators and boaters.

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