TV Critics Tour: CNN Outlines Convention Coverage


Beverly Hills, Calif.—As it did in 2004, CNN will be anchoring its Democratic and Republican convention coverage live from the delegation floors, this time at the Pepsi Center in Denver from Aug. 25 to 28 and the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn., from Sept. 1 to 4, officials said Friday.

CNN talked about its convention-coverage plans at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where the network’s political team appeared on a panel.

“We have not seen back-to-back conventions like this,” said David Bohrman, CNN senior vice president and Washington bureau chief, talking about the physical logistics of covering both closely timed events.

CNN chief national correspondent John King argued that the conventions are not “dinosaurs” but are compelling opportunities for election coverage

“I’ve done six of these, and this is by far the most consequential in my lifetime,” King said. “If I can’t convey that, I should go back to bartending….This is an enormously consequential election.”

As for the overall election, Bohrman said, “It’s going to be a roller coaster ride. I don’t think it’s going to be a yawner.”

Earlier CNN U.S. president Jon Klein accused his all-news rivals of being “entrenched in calcified points of view,” as he argued that his network’s coverage will be more dynamic than his competitors.

Klein also reiterated CNN’s commitment to doing documentaries, and the all-news network did a second panel on its Black in America documentaries, The Black Woman & Family and The Black Man. They both debut later this month.

CNN anchor and correspondent Soledad O’Brien (pictured) spent more than a year tracking the stories of black women and men.

“We want to continue to use long-form to talk about the big issues in our time,” O’Brien said.

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