TV Critics Tour: Lucas Brings ‘Clone Wars’ To Cartoon Network


Beverly Hills, Calif.—Cartoon Network is promising Star Wars fans the equivalent of a new movie every week with its Clone Wars series, executive produced by George Lucas and debuting later this summer.

The 22-episode, high-definition animated series, set for an Aug. 10 debut, will follow the action launched in the theatrical film.

The network treated TV critics here to an experience fans would have killed for: an advance look at the first full episode on big screens with surround sound. (Spoiler alert: The episode features amazing color-saturated images of Yoda traveling to a rendezvous on a distant moon in an attempt to convince the aliens there to allow a Republic base on the planet. Meanwhile, an evil protégé of Count Dooku attempts to prevent the meeting, leading to battles between clones and Yoda and his three-man escort.)

Supervising director David Filoni, who at 34 was too young to see Star Wars when itwas originally released, said he was amazed at the number of stories the creators couldn't get around to telling in the first Clone Wars series.

A veteran of 2-D animation, Filoni said this animated series has allowed him to render a greater number of clones and a greater variety of types of battles. And, unlike the theatrical films, series viewers won't have to wait three years between episodes, he noted.

Clone Wars will anchor an evening programming block that will also include Batman: The Brave and the Bold from Warner Bros. as well as the returning series Ben 10.

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