TV Critics Tour: TLC Offers ‘Hope’ For Financially Pinched Homeowners


Beverly Hills, Calif.—TLC is looking to put a new, more realistic spin on home-themed programming—to reflect the challenged real-estate market and tough economy—with its new show, Hope For Your Home, officials told TV critics Thursday.

The new show will be a companion to Holmes on Homes on Saturday night, when the network airs property-related programming. Holmes moved to TLC from Discovery Home, which relaunched as Planet Green in June.

“What you’re going to see on Saturday is our response to the changing economic environment where it’s no longer a place where you just focus on buying and selling homes,” TLC president and general manager Angela Shapiro-Mathes said at the Television Critics Association tour. “Everyone now is worried about paying their mortgage as well as whether they should move or not move.”

Hope For Your Home, which debuts Aug. 9, offers homeowners in financial need the resources to improve their property so they can either refinance their mortgages or sell their homes.

TLC’s panel included Hope For Your Home host Kirsten Kemp Becker, a real estate expert who advises homeowners on that improvements to make, and executive producer RJ Cutler.

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