TV Guide Channel Enters Reality Mix


TV Guide Channel started production on new original weekly series Making News: Texas Style, marking the network’s debut in the reality-TV game.

The 13-episode series “will give viewers an inside look at the inner workings of a local news station in Midland-Odessa, Texas,” CBS affiliate KOSA-TV channel 7, the network said, adding that it began filming in January entirely on location.

“When we watch the local news, we all kind of instinctively know that a lot of hard work and effort went into making it, but I don't think most of us know how incredibly frantic, funny and improvised the making of a local-news broadcast can be,” executive producer Nick Davis said in a prepared statement.

“With KOSA-TV allowing us to be here with our cameras, now we'll be able to show viewers that process from start to finish and get to know a really incredible group of people who devote their lives to this phenomenon of the local newscast,” he added.