TV Guide : ESPN Tops on Cable


In its Nov. 30 issue (on newsstands Monday, Nov. 25), TV Guide names
the five hottest network on basic cable, as well as the five networks most on
the downswing.

In his weekly "Robins Report," TV Guide senior editor and columnist J.
Max Robins names ESPN as the network that has most distinguished itself in the
past year.

According to Robins, the criteria for selection was a network that
demonstrated a keen knowledge of its target audience and an ability to deliver
the right personalities and programming to those viewers.

Robins added that the top five scored high not only in ratings and revenue,
but also in such subjective areas as quality of programming and willingness to
take risks.

Following ESPN on Robins' top five were Nickelodeon, USA Network, Food
Network and Fox News Channel.

He cited A&E Network, CNBC, MSNBC, VH1 and Black Entertainment Television
as being on the downswing.