TV Guide Online Targets Movies, Sports


TV Guide Online ( said Monday that it has added "The Big Movie Guide" and "The Big Sports Guide."

Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.’s online presence also added enhanced search capabilities and personalized features.

The Big Movie Guide" allows users to search by actor, network, film name, airdate, time and TV Guide rating, and it features detailed information about films. The Big Sports Guide is searchable by sport, time, date, network and program.

“Sports and movies are undoubtedly the two most popular genres on television, but with so much on and so many channels, it's often easy to miss things," TV Guide Online vice president Dave Bovenschulte said in a prepared statement.

“TV Guide Online recognized that users of TiVo [Inc.] and other personal video recorders needed a better way to search for programs to record,” he added. “Our new search, plus the Big Movie and Sports Guides, do a better job in presenting the program options to consumers.”