TV News, Web Reshaping Journalism: Panel


Chicago -- The high demand for televised news and Web videos is forcing print journalists to adjust to the changing media landscape, according to panelists at the 2008 Unity Convention.

Panelists speaking at the National Association of Black Journalists mentoring breakfast, which ESPN has sponsored for more than a decade, discussed concerns of the transition of career paths from print to multiplatform journalism.

“Every decision must be magnified,” said Dwayne Bray ESPN senior news editor Dwayne Bray during the July 24 panel, as he explained the importance of covering a story and doing it well.

ESPN bureau reporter Pedro Gomez, editor-in chief Robert King and ESPN anchor Michael Kim  were among the panelists who remarked that the transition from print to other forms of journalism can be easy for those who write well because they can tackle all forms of media.  

Officials from Scripps Networks, Comcast Corp., Bloomberg News, The Walt Disney Co. and the African Channel also attended the conference, recruiting journalists for their networks, and critiquing their work. The companies were in full support of bringing journalists of color together for the week-long Unity event that takes place every four years.

CNN also had a major presence, running promos for correspondent Soledad O’Brien and the premiere of Black in America, the documentary series exploring the successes, struggles and complex issues in the lives of blacks and their communities. O’Brien also participated on two panels, discussing the issues of being a woman journalist and health care concerns. 

The news network also sponsored a live broadcast with Sen. (Ill.) Barack Obama, who spoke to the over 6,000 journalists of color. They were given the opportunity for a question-and- answer session with the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

Overall, some 10,000 journalists and executives gathered at the Unity Convention to examine issues affecting journalism and the media industry.