TV One To Air Michelle Obama Interview Sunday


TV One will air an interview with Michelle Obama this Sunday on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

Obama, the spouse of presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, talks to TV One commentator Roland Martin about her relationship with her husband and family, and what she thinks about the historic role into which they have stepped, according to network executives. 

Obama is expected to be sworn in as the Democratic nominee during the political party’s national convention Aug. 25-28.

The one-hour interview also touches on Mrs. Obama’s role in the campaign, how she deals with political attacks, the challenges of being away from their children on the campaign trail, how they find time for family and each other, her faith and their decision to leave Trinity Church, and people’s perceptions and misperceptions about her.  

 “We are delighted to bring this interview with Mrs. Obama to our viewers as part of our public affairs programming during the Presidential election season,” said TV One president and CEO Johnathan Rodgers in a statement. "This next week is clearly a historic moment in African American history, and we are pleased that Mrs. Obama is willing to share this historic time with our viewers, and share her thoughts about what it means to her and her family.”