TV One Launches Brand Makeover

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TV One will look to better define itself
in the eyes of its target African-American audience
with a new on-air logo and tagline, according to network

The eight-year-old network soft-launched its new
tangerine-colored logo during last month’s Cable
Show but will officially roll it out on the air in August,
to coincide with the debut of the network’s new music-
themed reality series, R&B Divas, according to
Kenetta Bailey, TV One’s executive vice president and
chief marketing officer.

“The on-air visual will feature a lot of layers of
words and phrases that represent a range of blacks
in America, and the personalities that truly comprise
the multifaceted nature of it and of our people
in America,” she said.

Along with the logo the network will also release
its new tagline, “Where Black Life Unfolds,” which reflects the network’s diversity of programming, from
popular music documentary series Unsung to mystery/
crime series Find Our Missing.

“We wanted to communicate what the network is
all about and truly give viewers a clear understanding
of what lives and breathes on our air, and specifically shows the diversity of black life in America and
the diversity of the programming genres on the network,”
Bailey said. “We’ll show how black life unfolds
in our nonfi ction entertainment programming, celebrity
bio docs and original sitcoms, and investigative
and mystery stories.”

TV One in August will also relaunch its website
to mirror the look and feel of the linear channel. “It
won’t be just solely a promotional site but it will be
a site that draws you in and will be topical and will
bring people in to cover topics discussed on the linear
channel,” she said.

TV One’s rebranding comes as the network
faces increased competition from new, African-
American targeted networks like the Magic Johnsonbacked
Aspire channel launching later this month
and from broadcast networks like Bounce TV.

“The cable landscape has changed since TV One
launched, and there are more general entertainment
networks as well as targeted African-American
networks that are truly realizing the value of the
African-American audience,” Bailey said. “With so
much competition and so many options for viewers
to choose from, there is no better time to stake our
claim and identity and let people know who you are
and what they’re going to get when they come to the